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Veteran Owned and operated, The owner Jonathan Clyburn started out as an electronics technician in the navy and served from 2008-2014. Then began his solar career working for Solar City Now called Tesla from 2016-2018. We opened up In July 2017 in Denver, Colorado, to Assist home owners with their Solar maintenance and repair.

Our mission is “Delivering quality Solar and Keeping Your System Working! We Provide a faster solution for homeowners to (Protect) critter guard/pest abatement for their solar system, Getting a new roof and need a company to remove and reinstall, (Rebuild) your solar system either making the system work more optimum by changing the layout or replacing your system exactly how it was. Finally, (Repairing) fixing and repairing or swapping out inverter technology or low producing solar panels, when the pigeons and Squirrels do their work, we combat and fix the damage they do. Many bigger companies like Tesla, Blue Raven, Ion Solar, Namaste, may be hard to get a hold of or can be backlogged with jobs for months but we are here.

Most of these bigger companies are the lifeblood of the solar industry installing solar panels but could leave you high and dry after the installation is complete. We have knowledge and experience with all types of solar systems old Rail Systems, Snap N Rack, Tesla’s Zep solar systems, Iron Ridge, Quick Mount, Eco fasten and others. All solar mounting hardware is not the same. Services Areas Include east and west, Evergreen to Byers as far North as Cheyenne to Pueblo.

In 2020, during the coronavirus outbreak, we achieved our goal of attaining North American Board Of Certified Energy Practitioners NABCEP Certification and Energy storage system hazards Safety Certificate.

The reason we choose Raven as a symbolic animal was because they are smart birds. Also Biblical referenced as the Animals that fed Elijah, the prophet.