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Pairing (finding) your panels, my system is missing solar panels!

If you have a SolarEdge system this is one of the most common problems we see with SolarEdge technology. Note: If all of your panels are not be found, it doesn’t mean that your system is not working, it could be degraded!

Step One: Turn the Black Barrel Switch to OFF!

Step Two: Turn the red switch on the left side the P I/O switch to O

Step Three: turn barrel Switch to On.

Step Four: Tap the OK button after about 20 seconds the screen should come on.

Step Five: Press and hold OK button until screen says entering pairing mode

Step Six: Screen ask you tell you to turn P and I/O switch to I. Do it!

Step Seven: Screen displays entering pairing mode wait until you are old and retired. 186 seconds countdown begins. Note: the screen may shut off during this process.

Step Eight: Screen displays Waking up 295 seconds remaining. Wait! you should hear the inverter turning on.

Note: it may slowly find your solar panels and watch for the communications LED to Flash. Each time it flashes it should be finding a solar panel. If it does not find all your solar panels after 5-10 minutes you might have a problem.

Step Nine: Verify P_OK: Found number of panels/your number of panels. Note: the example above is missing two panels but it did find them. 26/28

Step Ten: verify Pac [W] has a variable number that keeps changing. This is your power being produced.