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Solar Installation, Maintenance, Repair, & Inspections

Solar Installations
Done Right


Keeping Your Solar
Investment Working

We Quickly Diagnose Problems

Need an inspection of your existing system or roof? We can help by identifying quickly the issues your system may be experiencing and helping you get it fixed fast!

A Track Record of Quality

We have completed many solar projects and have multiple repeat customers with a high satisfaction rating on Google.

We Install, Maintain, and Repair

New solar installation? Existing solar installation that needs panels replaced, or just want to keep your system operating at top efficiency? We can help!

Our Clients LOVE our Service!

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Recent Solar Installation Projects

Recent Solar Upgrades And System Add-Ons.
Is Your Solar System Meeting Your Power Needs?

We did an Enphase Legacy Upgrade, Swapping out Old M290 micro-inverters and replacing them with Newer IQ7 models, We also replaced one failed Canadian solar panels.   


We Install Critter Guards and Help with Pest Abatement!

Protecting your system from those nasty invasive pests…


…and naughty nesting critters.
Someone’s Got to Do it!

This is what can happen if you wait too long to call for help!
Note: Not all solar systems need a Critter guard! This project started at sunrise and went to sunset.

Squirrels Burrowing Into Your Roof and Underneath Your Solar System!

This is extreme critter damage you dont want! & can cause futher house damages.

Squirrel Damaged Wires and System Not Working

Outside critters can & will damage wiring – The smallest things cause the biggest problems –

We Remove Old Systems and Install New Systems!

Solar System Removals

Old systems removed safely.

System Re-Installs

Re-installed system after roof passes city inspection.

Selling your home and need a new roof? We can help!

The perfect solar panel stack! The Home Owner needed a new roof before they sold the home. 

We Clean and Repair Existing Systems!

Solar panel cleaning

Keep your panels clean year round for maximum power & at a affordable price!

Replace Broken Panels

Hail destroyed these panels at this Colorado home. Replacement of your hail damaged panels may be covered by a warranty or homeowners insurance.

System Repairs

Is My System Working Correctly? Solar Edge Optimizers found currently 26/28, there might be problems with your solar system.

System Reset

Is my Aurora solar system broken or just need a reset? First, we recommend trying these steps: and then give us a call. Your solar system may be under warranty for replacement if the inverter fails.

Roof Evaluations

Above is a roof with serious hail damage. The roof may need to be replaced soon, which would require the removal and re-installation of the solar system as well.

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